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Meaux was born and raised in the home of that bass sound, Miami-Dade County. She is an audiophile with extensive knowledge of and passion for all things musical. Since 2010, she has worked closely representing underground artists, creative design brands, and record labels. As a music journalist with numerous published interviews and record reviews on blogs such as Strictly Nu-Skool and dnbuniverse.com, she continues to do her part to showcase artists worldwide.

In 2017, Meaux bought her first pair of Technics, on which she practiced her beatmatching skills daily, landing her first live vinyl gig in Miami toward the end of 2020. She had a monthly radio show on WECU in 2021, hosting guest mixes from multigenre artists in the underground electronic music scene while dropping beats live from the studio alongside a rotating roster of resident DJ’s. Known for her keen ear when it comes to the sounds of Jungle/Drum & Bass, Meaux is also heavily versed in a variety of other genres such as IDM, electro, breaks,  techno, deep house, and much more. 

Presently working with ECU, a South Florida label, hosting live events locally. Meaux is also on the core team of Miami Community Radio, a platform that promotes South Florida artists through livestream events, she manages A&R, scheduling and social media.