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Residing in the East side, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Dj Lika Marques is a Breaks and Urban expressions enthusiast that started djing in 1990, at the age of 12 and later became the first woman nominated and awarded as Breakthrough DJ ‘95 by “DJ Sound” .

“The music I select, produce, edit or remix, is the extension of my soul.” – Lika Marques

  • Agency
  • Cast of the DMC (1995)

  • International Artists (brazilian tour)
  • Jimmy Bo Horne, Freedom Williams (C&C Music Factory), Robin S., Coolio, Turbo B (Snap!)

  • Music Production / Labels
  • Network TranZmit Label – Anarchy In The Funk – Tupy – Sambaloco (Trama Records)

  • Bands
  • Bojo (Free Jazz Project / AMP MTV)
  • M.I.N.A. (Hip Hop female group)

  • Radio
  • Weekly show on Metropolitana FM (1997) and as a guest for the top radios in Brazil. (including the pirate ones, of course lol)

  • Festivals
  • Rec Beat (Street Carnival) 2002
  • Tribos Electronicas
  • Brazil 40º (London)
  • Biennial of Contemporary Art SP
  • Unidos do BPM (Street Carnival) 2020 – 2021

  • International Residency
  • NORQ! (London breaks party)
  • Guest on Nubreaks FM and nuschoolbreaks.com

  • Urban Dance / Breaking
  • Breaking The Floor, Lipstick Battle 2017, For Fun Party, Jam Olido, Identidade
  • Hip Hop, Master Party, Hip Hop Park Jam, Master Crews, Rockmaster Party, Hip Hop in Action 2019, Battle at the Top 2019.

  • Music Director
  • Show “Espelhos Delas” for the female dance group “Gurias”

  • DJ Live Stream
  • Wednesdays on Uh!Manas TV with the webshow VISAODJ (DJ Culture)
  • Fridays on SOUNDKRAKERZ (all about breaks)