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Vixen Stylee has been a lover of electronic music since she was 16 years old. Singing across various music genres since the age of 4, she grew up in church choirs and participated in school choruses. Her passion for music was evident early on, with her chorus teacher foreseeing her future fame due to her soaring love for the art. At every honor roll ceremony, she was asked to perform, captivating crowds with her voice.

Her fascination with drum and bass began at 18, in 2002. Introduced to Dieselboy by a college friend, she purchased her first drum and bass CD, igniting an unwavering love for the genre. Attending her first rave at Ultra Music Festival in 2002, she found herself entranced and never looked back. Vixen began her DJing journey at 19, initially learning on breaks but later shifting to become a drum and bass DJ. For 20 years, she has been dedicated to DJing, paralleling her lifelong passion for singing. At the age of 19, Vixen delved into DJing, opting for drum and bass to stand out. Visualizing herself as a performer in the scene, she dedicated herself to this goal since attending torque shows in 2004. In 2006, her friend Damien Collaborator handed her the mic, marking the beginning of her journey as a DnB emcee, performing vocals over drum and bass tracks. Vixen Stylee has made herself known in Orlando dnb scene associated with torque dnb as her family. Vixen Stylee is looking forward to what is to come now being apart of the group called the Bass Misfits. Using her dj skills and her vocal range to accentuate the dnb sounds of the Bass Misfits crew.

Her love and passion for this music are palpable, and she remains committed to evolving and growing alongside it indefinitely.



Vixen Stylee first Turntables and Mic