Ms. Chevious, the rave maven, has been rocking the scene since she landed in Florida back in ’93. Fueled by an insatiable love for 80s and 90s alternative beats, she seamlessly transitioned into the pulsating realm of electronic music. At the young age of 24, she snagged two Technics turntables, tossed in some vinyl, and kicked off her sonic odyssey. Drawing inspiration from the mixing maestros Brad Smith and Andy Hughes at countless post-rave sessions, she fell head over heels for the nu-school vibes of the early 2000s, establishing her niche.

After honing her craft for eight years under the radar, Ms. Chevious emerged with a mixing style that defied conventions. Committed to the art of the mix and hooked on heavy low-end bass, her sonic repertoire spans the sultry landscapes from Miami bass to drum and bass. A purist at heart, she fervently believes in the power of a deep-dive track selection, a laser focus on the mix, and an unyielding commitment to continual growth. In her headphones, you’ll find the influences of her favorite labels: Perfect Driver, Kuad Recordings, and Punks Music.

A local legend in Sarasota, Ms. Chevious held court with DJs she affectionately calls her brothers. Their unwavering support for her broken-beat selections in a house-driven scene proved pivotal to her rise in the 2000s. Embracing her shy DJing style, she joined forces with Dirty Brown Productions, sharing the stage with the exceptional musical artist and vocalist, JETT. She ruled the decks until she took a hiatus, choosing to focus on her nursing career and raise her kids for five years.

In 2023, Ms. Chevious returned with a vengeance, gracing the stage twice before facing a life-altering leg injury. Undeterred, she fought to reclaim her spot with the production powerhouses B.O.S.S. and United We Mix. Securing her place in the Essential Freaks 360 event, she reached the zenith of her career, spinning alongside Medley of the Geishaz.

Ms. Chevious continues to lay down bass-driven grooves, staying true to the beliefs she forged 26 years ago. Her infectious passion for music has evolved, directing her creative energies toward collaborations with fellow artists and mentors as her next conquest. To her, music is art, and she’s got a message to convey through every beat. Her ultimate wish is that if her music resonates with just one person, she’s achieved her lofty goal.