Jamie Blue is no stranger to the stage. From a very young age, growing up in NY, she excelled at all things musical. In 2nd grade her teacher, Mr. Harper, told Jamies parents that she was gifted and it was those group of teachers who believed in Jamie the way she needed them to.  Throughout elementary, middle school and Junior High she competed in numerous N.Y.S.S.M.A. (New York State Solo Music Association) competitions gaining Outstanding Achievement Awards in all categories from voice to violin. She was chosen in 6th grade to represent her whole district in the states capital; Albany, for a music conference where musically gifted children taught the teachers from all over the country and beyond. A trip Jamie will never forget. Jamie played in symphonic orchestras and sang in Choirs with literally hundreds of kids, William Floyd School District was a dream for any budding musician.

A move to Florida in 1990 derailed the music portion of Jamies life for a bit when her new school didn’t have enough kids  to make an orchestra. Sadly, Jamie put down the violin. Instead of music Jamie focused on dance and danced her way through High School as a member and finally Captain of the schools hiphop-style dance squad. After graduating  high school Jamie headed to UCF where she was a music major and a psychology minor. She really just wanted to help people heal; through music. But shortly after starting college in 1994 Jamies vocal one-on-one professor took a liking to Jamies vocal style and writing. After just few months her teacher told her something she never told students; she told Jamie she was a “born performer” and one day she would “find herself and be that performer”.  As serendipity would have it It was during that same time in Orlando that Jamie went to  The Legendary Firestone and was reunited with some of the “techno” music she would hear her cousins playing from New York City while growing up.  Jamie fell in love with the beat that night. The spark was lit.

Jamie left college shortly after and by 1996 she was a professional freestyle body rock EDM dancer and in 1997 Jamie was singing outside Tampas premier EDM venue; The Fantasy Ranch to a crowd “on a picnic table” and the owner Dave Mirsky scooped her up and JAMIE Z was born. Jamie was now the only MARZ underground rave vocalist and live performer!  Jamie began to perform everywhere she could. She eventually created a tight knit squad of dancers including her two insanely talented dancer partners MadMaxx Hamman and Channing Tatum. This team gigged everywhere. In 2001 Jamies song Heaven by DJ Sharaz made it to vinyl and the radio stations helped Jamie Z not only be seen but now HEARD. It was a dance floor favorite for years; still is. It was also that year that Jamie wrote a children’s song called ‘You and I’ and performed LIVE at Ybors Centro Austriano theater for Micheal Sterns soon-to-be world famous book Kokopelli and The Butterfly. By 2002 Jamie had a successful danced her into a Cirque Production and traveled to Lebanon, Asia for the tour of a lifetime.

It was after 12 years of performing and hundreds of gigs that Jamie took a debilitating fall in 2007 while working a hospitality job. The orthopedic surgeon telling her that she needed to stop dancing! It was devastating but in Hindsight; Jamie did not waste this time. By 2010 she was married, 2012 she gave birth to her son; Jamison Blue and in 2013 she created a family wholesale bakery business named after her son; Jamison B LLC, (and most recently a retail shop called the JB3 DoughJoe), that she runs as C.E.O., C.O.O. and everything in between.

Fast forward to 2020…After a 13 year Hiatus, with extra quarantine time on her hands, Jamie started to put out freestyle recordings and people started to notice. Some never even knew Jamie was singer and others were excited to see her getting back to her craft. By July 2020 she had returned to her music dream as Jamie Blue, a stage name chosen by her son.  It was that summer that she co-wrote hit song Bass & Harmony with the Brothers of Funk followed up with chart topping sequel White Winged Dove and Life Is Going On with Brothers Of Funk Vs Analog Hustlers.

You may have caught her on the mic at Crowbar Tampa, Respectables West Palm or headlining FSOB Breaks Academy at Ace Cafe and Sunshine State Of Bass at the Winter Music Conference Miami. She’s also made her way to Melbourne to share her musical gifts at Resurrection but Blues biggest gig and “former” top of her performance bucket list was when she and her music brothers, together, set hearts and the void sound system afire at EDC 2021, igniting a festival light in Jamie that will not soon be put out.

Jamie continues to book events and has recently added Host/MC and Freestyler to her resume by hosting FSOB events, The Awakening, and Kontrolled Kaos Dnb events and most recently hosting The Miami Bass Queen Squad, “The Geishas” at The Get Down In Miami Wynwood for Miami Music week where Jamie Blue became an official Geisha.

Jamie “Blue” is Back in the studio once again, this time working on multiple projects while she hustles life as a Mom and busy CEO of yet another new family business; JB3 Farms. Rest assure, with an updated bucket list in hand, there is plenty more music within Jamie Blue and even a children’s book with music being produced. Music, for Blue, is a chance to heal herself as well as others. To take you away from whatever ails you, even for just a moment. One giant positive ripple to Raise your Frequency is her mission.

Catch a Blue Vibe….